Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mongolian Chicken

I have not been a huge fan of P.F. Changs, but everyone seems to love it. They do have some dishes that I do love, but not enough for me to love this restaurant as a whole. My top three are the Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Chang’s Spicy Chicken, and the Mongolian Beef. After trying their Mongolian Beef, I wanted to see if the same flavors would work with chicken.

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Chicken Biryani

A dish I have been wanting to try to make for a while now is Chicken Biryani. This dish is particularly known for its layers of divine flavors that slowly develop and blend together. In order to have that aroma and ambrosial taste, biryani is a multistep process that requires a long cooking time. The flavors in the dish come from a blend of spices that are typically not used together in everyday cooking playing a big role in its rich taste.

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Grilled Huli Huli Chicken

Kauai, Hawaii…. what a beautiful place! It has got to be my favorite island in the Hawaii chain…heck…probably one of my most favorite places to go visit. This island is so lush and relaxing that even Matt Damon, Pierce Brosnan and Julia Roberts own a property on this island to get away from it all.
The villas my family and I stayed in, had a restaurant near the outside pool area, that was unbelievably delectable, just the way I like it! My brother and I both saw on the menu an option for Huli Huli Chicken BBQ and there was no way for us to pick anything else! When the food came out to us, it looked amazing! (the taste was even better!) I don’t think I had been that excited to eat in a long time. The minute I finished, I had to ask what this Huli Huli sauce was made of.
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Portobello Mushrooms in Sun-Dried Tomatoes

I needed to make a dish that was fast, easy, and very tasty. I came across a recipe that was for asparagus in sun-dried tomatoes, but decided to substitute that with portobello mushrooms since it was all I had.

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Thai Basil Chicken

One of my favorite dishes to order when going to a Thai restaurant is the basil chicken. The aroma and flavors of basil with the succulence of chicken just makes this dish so much more delectable.

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Friday, May 31, 2013

Welcome to Shruti's Dilectable Dilites Blogger Page!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Shruti's Dilectable Dilites Blogger Page! 

Sharing your love for cooking is something that is passed down, generation to generation. This is my way of sharing my love for food with not just family and friends, but everyone who feels the same! 

I am a student/cook/working/dancing/singing/workout girl who decided to share her food recipes and ideas after my friends and family insisted I start a blog! Although, they might not all be original, they are tweaked to my liking! 

When someone asks me why I love to cook, my first and utmost answer, and inspiration is pure joy! Food conjures up a whole range of emotions and most of them are generally good, happy, and exciting ones. When I think of food, it fills me with comfort, contentedness, and absolute pleasure. Food brings families and friends together on the most joyous of occasions. Food is the talk-of-the-town at special occasions. Life is more pleasant and enjoyable with food!

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